Multiple Teams · Athletic Clearance Tutorial

Quick steps for parents/students using the online athletic clearance process.

Online Athletic Clearance

Watch quick tutorial video
Register. Parents/Guardians register with first and last name, a valid email username and password. You will be asked to type in a provided code to verify you are human. If this step is skipped your account will not activate.
Select “Start Clearance Here!” to start the process.
Choose the School Year in which the student plans to participate.
Example: Football in Sept 2016 would be the 2016-2017 School Year.
Choose the School at which the student attends and will compete for.
Choose Sport
Complete all required fields for Student Information, Medical History, Parent/Guardian Information and Signature Forms.
Once you reach the Confirmation Message you have completed the process. Please review and print the confirmation page.
All of this data will be electronically filed with your school’s athletic department for review. When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent.

Online Athletic Clearance FAQ

Multiple Sports
Once you complete a clearance for one sport, most of the information you have entered will be retained in the system. To register for an additional sport, select Clearances at the top and then Start Clearance Here! After entering the year, school and additional sport, most of your information will auto fill.

The physical form your school uses can be downloaded on Step #1 or under Student Info at the bottom of the page. Most schools will accept the physical online (done by uploading the completed form on Step #1) as well as turning in a hard copy to the Athletic Department.