Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Medals at Postal Championships

Freshman Alexis Noble finishing her race at Morley Field.

It was an excellent day for running on Saturday November 2nd. Not too windy and it was not too sunny at University City High School. The only difference this time around was that your Chieftains were not being asked to showcase their talents over a 3 mile course or a 5k course at Morley Field. Instead the race was a 2 mile on the track and did your Chieftains come to party.

First up was Freshman- Noah Engels. The freshman started off the races with a bang as he was able to snag a beautiful personal record through 2 miles. Not to be outdone were his other classmates, Freshmen- Kevin Ruston, Chase Armstrong, and Bryan Bagnas finished all within the Top 20 of their race. All three of them picked up fast personal records over 2 miles. This was only the beginning of the night of excitement and success for the Chieftains.

Junior- Kalia Hosch and Freshman-Marley Scott posted fast personal records over 2 miles. While Marley Scott displayed amazing poise and race strategy that vaulted her to take 9th place in her heat of the 2 mile races. The night will continue to sizzle as Senior-Emma Fickett and Freshman- Rosette Kinney battled to see who would be the first Chieftain of the night to earn a medal and quite possibly the first win. It was the Senior-Emma Fickett though who finished 4th overall in her heat, which earned her the first medal of the night and it would not be last the medal earned for the Chieftains.

It was the Senior-Derek McCauley‘s turn to take on the 8 laps. He methodically maneuvered his way through the other runners. Out sprinting another runner to the line to snag 5th place overall in his heat. Senior-Matthew Kinney waited for his turn to race. With 150m to go he was in contention to win his heat of the 2 mile. He ended up taking 3rd overall in what turned out be one of the most exciting finishes that night. Junior- Gioia Ternasky made the night even more memorable as she patiently pursued the leaders. Passing runners left and right until there was only two left. She settled for 3rd place overall in her heat of the 2 mile with a nice fast personal record.

The race of the night. Belonged to Sophomore-Bella Hartmann and Freshman-Alexis Noble. Both runners were boxed in to start their heat of the 2 mile. The two Chieftains stayed patient and waited for the right time to strike. It was Alexis Noble who struck first and it was a fierce surge on the field. Bella Hartmann responded to the surge of her teammate, but she was no match for what was about to occur. In fact, no other runner in this heat matched the pace of the Freshman. As Freshman-Alexis Noble dominated the race as her pace, even though she stopped for a little bit right before the last lap, she was rewarded with 1st overall in her race.

Your mighty Chieftains look to take their newfound confidence and refocused mentality to the post-season. They still have one more League Meet on Tuesday November 5th, 2019 before the post-season begins. Come out to Morley Field at 3:00 PM and try to catch a glimpse of these mighty Chieftains.