ALL · Covid-19 Update and #CHSnooffdays #SDUSDathlete Initiative

Good Afternoon Chieftains,

I understand that these times are unprecedented and NO ONE has ever had to deal with what we are going through now. I want to reach out to our student-athletes and all of our students and let them know a few things.

I can only imagine the hurt that some of you are feeling. The immeasurable amount of emotions that you are all feeling keeps me up at night. I want you to know that the way you feel is normal. No one should be telling you that you are blowing your feelings out of proportion. Most of you probably do not have words to express what this whole crisis really means to you or your loved ones and that is okay.

Many of you might be trying to ignore or mask your emotions and maybe some of you don’t want to share with your family or friends because people might minimize your feelings. Your feelings are your feelings and that is okay.

Keep talking with your classmates! Hang out online! Use this time to look at where you are and where you can go. This global experience has changed everything for everyone and you can go anywhere once this is all done.

At the end of the day your grief is your grief, your feelings are your feelings. Those feelings are valid and please do not let anyone minimize your grief, stress, anxiety, fear, etc. Talk with your classmates, open up to them and allow them to talk to you as well. You will all get through this with help from your friends and family.

#CHSnooffdays #SDUSDathlete Initiative:

On a positive note I want you all to know that Clairemont High is starting an initiative along with SDUSD to get our athletes, and anyone for that matter, active and moving! #SDUSDathlete and #CHSnooffdays are the hashtags that will be used for this initiative. The student who has the most posts with the #s will get a prize at the end of the year and the team who has the most posts with the #s will get a prize too.

It is really easy! Just take a video of yourself doing your workout or a component of your workout. # it with the appropriate #s and your specific sport (#CHSboyslacrosse, #CHSsoftball). Again the student/team with the most posts will get prizes by the end of the year! There will be challenges going around weekly to help students stay active and for students to challenge their classmates!

Coaches will be in contact with their athletes soon to explain. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at

Stay positive Chiefs!!