Chieftains News · 2020 Girls Volleyball Season

Athletic Clearance:   Please be sure to have this taken care of PRIOR to Summer Workouts.  Any questions with regards to Athletic Clearance can be directed toward Athletic Director, Alfie Nowak:   (Athletics Clearance).
Summer Workouts:  
– Frosh/New Players – August 3 & 4 (ALL players are encouraged to attend)
– Everyone Starts August 5th 
– Time:  8-11am (Monday – Friday) at least through August 21st and then things may change the week prior to the scheduled first day of school if there is on site student orientation.
Season Schedule:  Please be sure to check the schedules and get the dates on your calendar
 Varsity Schedule
 JV Schedule
Frosh Schedule
We want to encourage all players to spend time these next few weeks doing some cardio and strength training.  This can be as simple as jogging, jumping jacks, planks, mountain climbers, push ups, etc.  We also encourage you to get some touches with a volleyball – socially distant pepper and ball control skills.