ALL · CIF 20/21 Calendar and Clairemont

Good Morning Chieftains,

I am sure that most of you have seen the CIF 20/21 Calendar for sports this school year. If not here is a link to the new by-laws, the seasons and the start dates for each sport.

July 20, 2020 – Update and 2020-21 Sports Calendars

CIF-SDS still has till August 14th to decide their exact schedule but it should be somewhat similar to these dates.

At first glance it seems quite impossible for a school of our size to be able to field all teams and to compete at the levels we have been competing at for these past years. What I see from my experience in the past four years I have worked here is an obstacle that Clairemont can strive over with the combined effort of our coaches, our student-athletes and you our community.

Scott Giusti at the district had this to say- “Realize that just because you see that the State and Local CIF have made statements and released a master calendar it does not obligate districts or schools to participate. At this point districts haven’t made decisions as they have been waiting on this info and then they need to “follow the science” (County, State, District health guidelines, etc.).” This means that we will be working diligently to help our student-athletes first and foremost.

I know that looking at this master calendar and thinking about your son or daughter not being able to play both sports in one season or how they can possibly play both sports in one season sucks. It truly does. On the bright side they have laid out an actual pan of how they are going to bring back sports in California. Something that some people felt were not going to happen this year at all.

Myself, the admin team and the coaches at Clairemont are going to do just about all we can to make sure your sons and daughters are provided with the opportunities to compete. To feel a part of something. To make friendships. To achieve scholarships. To better our community. All of course under the guidance of the district and health care professionals.

Clairemont’s athletes are a special breed. Most of our athletes play on two or three of our teams. Our athletes are multi-talented individuals who can start on varsity squads for 3 seasons. Nine to Ten months of extreme conditioning, hard work, persistence, wins and loses, heartache and triumph. It has been an honor to be able to work with these individuals for the past 4 years and it is a privilege to be able to work with them through these  incredibly tough times as well.

I know that all schools will struggle this year and that we all be presented with challenges but I know that our student-athletes, coaches and parents at Clairemont will be able to overcome the challenges that we face this year.

Just remember we are all CHIEFTAINS! Once a CHIEF Always a CHIEF!!

Courage- model courage through truthful speech and behavior

Humility- put the needs of others ahead of our own

Integrity- earn the confidence of others through a consistent display of truthfulness, honesty and trustworthiness

Endurance- DO NOT let adversity deter you

Focus- display a relentless pursuit of self-improvement

Clairemont. We are here for you and will answer/listen to any questions or concerns that you may have. Please reach out to me @

As Always..

Go Chiefs!!