Multiple Teams · Water Polo Update

Water polo season is 2 months away!  Any newly interested players should contact Coach Joey at to get started.  Updates to the season, and how you can prepare, are detailed below.

First day of practice – April 17th (swim season will be over)
Last day of regular season – June 5th
CIF Finals – June 18/19th
Anticipate competing in roughly 10 to 16 games
1. Get in swim shape.  How?
– Join CHS swim team.  Email coach Stephanie for details:
2. Improve your skills
–  All players should continue with, or join, a club water polo team prior to season.  Coach Joey currently coaches at La Jolla United, where several CHS players participate already.  Check out or email me privately for more details.
3. Get your physical done, your athletic paperwork filled out here:, and send everything to our AD Alfie Nowak at
4. Keep GPA above 2.0!!  Student athletes may not compete if their gpa from Q3 is lower than a 2.0.  Please reach out to me if any academic assistance is required.