Every athlete on Clairemont’s campus has the ability to be tested for COVID every Friday from 12-3. Red, Orange and Yellow tier sports who are at a higher risk of contracting and spreading COVID are highly recommended to complete this free testing every week. It is very likely that Unified will make this mandatory for all student-athletes who are playing in any of the tiers listed above. Right now Football and Water Polo are our only mandated every week testers but again this is subject to change.

Please complete the ROI and UCSD Consent and email a PDF copy to either anowak@sandi.net or alopez-nusser@sandi.net

The instructions provided are easy to follow steps to create your MyChart account through UCSD and how to create an appointment on our testing day. For your first testing confirmation we will need a photo of confirmation(either a screenshot or photo) These are “soft appointment times” which means that if you are unable to make it at your exact time that is acceptable as long as you make it to your appointment within reason.

Student instructions for Initial Covid Screening

UCSD Testing ROI 

UCSD Testing Consent